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2 February
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Character history- Daisy like most people which was common in her world, became a trainer at age ten in her home Cerulean City. Her main goal was to see the world and travel and for the most part was very uneventful. Five years after her journey she participated in a pokemon tournament in which she became the Gym leader of Cerulean City. Her parents had left to travel the world, leaving her to care for her sisters Misty, Lilly, and Violet. Sometime after this during a fight, her youngest sister Misty left home on her own journey not being satisfied with the way the gym was run.

A little after three years had passed before she saw Misty again. She was traveling with a young boy and another gym leader who Daisy recognized as Brock the Pewter Gym Leader. She had just greeted them when Misty demanded a battle with Ash, the boy, as a representative of the Gym. Daisy reluncantly agreed as most of her pokemon were beaten by a boy named Gary Oak and the two trainers after him who battled her, Violet and Lilly previously. After the battle (which ended up as a draw after two members of Team Rocket burst through the back wall) Daisy made Misty promised to call whenever she could. For Daisy the next two years were uneventful until she had won a world class cruise trip. Feeling bad after guilt tripping Misty into taking over for the Gym after she came back from her Johto journey, she helped out as best she could and even gave one of her pokemon Gyarados to Misty for gym battles.

The months afterward had her having much better relationship with Misty and even became close to one of her friends Tracey. After blackmailing a few times by forcing him to help around the gym, she found herself falling for him. This crush didn't last very long as she was about to say something to the oblivious Pokemon Watcher, she was sent to the Digital World.